Best Event ever!

This has been the year of inspiring events for me. I’ve been to several and each one has given me insights, inspiration, and great contacts. However, I just returned from attending the Awesomeness Fest by MindValley (one of our Most Amazing Company models) and it was an experience like no other. It not only inspired me and I met some of the most incredible entrepreneurs on this planet, it fed my soul!

Sometimes we get stuck in our day to day routines and these events are a way to push the boundaries and grow in ways that you may not have expected. Especially entrepreneurs…we need to find like minded people that can relate to growing a business. Otherwise, the journey feels horribly lonely.

I’m doing a bit of research on my own to find out what people really love about events.

What is the best event you’ve ever attended and why? Email me or comment below.



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Best Event ever!

This has been the year of inspiring events for me. I've been to..