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  1. The Tucson Charity Real Estate team donates 18% of their gross commissions to the charity of our clients choice. This truly is an exciting opportunity to raise much needed funds for some great causes. We don’t donate some of the time, we donate 18% of our commission ALL of the time. We have had the pleasure at watching our donations help grow and develop some of the finest schools, churches and other non-profitable organizations all throughout Pima county.

  2. 110I too, am interested in your coutsmes. We are a high school in central Illinois. We are planning to do the show the first weekend in October. Do you rent the coutsmes as a set or individually? Thank you so much. Sue Aldridge

  3. 16bHi Marie,I’m the admin for the MTWrentals site. I’m sorry to tell you, but we do not rent individual peceis from shows. Doing so prevents us from being able to rent the show as an entire package during that time. Thanks for asking though. We wish you the best of luck with your production.-mike

  4. Behf6ver inte alls vara fake. Det kan bero pe5 hur du stavat ditt namn hos atrgbseivaren de5 du skrev pe5 dina papper eller en enkel miss. Pe5 flera av mina lf6nespecifikationer ste5r det Lis fast jag stavas med Z. Och de lapparna e4r inte fake ff6r det.


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