Determination Matters!

As entrepreneurs, I believe we embark on a journey with a vision we are so passionate about, that we don’t know ”it can’t be done”. We are too busy doing what others say cannot be done. Determination is one of the key ingredients to your success. It matters! It’s what will often separate the winners and the ones that are afraid to step up to their own greatness.

Happy weekend!

2 reaktion på “Determination Matters!

  1. well, isn’t that exciting news? I think it is. I have 30-50 brand new cnvioct cichlids in my tank. When they get big enough I’ll give Joe a few for his new tank, keep a few, and sell the rest to the fish store. I have to pat myself on the back because a fish tank needs to be just so to coax wild fish into breeding. Sorry to get your hopes up Mom.

  2. he5ller med. sen e4r det inget att skryta om att du kalrat dig bra :s .och DET c4R FAN INGEN OLYCKA, SJc4LVMORDSFd6RSd6K OCH Olycka TVc5 HELT olika SAKER olycka ne5gon som inte vill skadas/df6 men drabbas ende5nsje4lvmord ne4r man vill df6/skadas (du ville df6?)och om han som kf6rde te5get, ja ff6r han va det en olycka tyve4rr men de5 bode han gf6ra en blogg om de. att han kf6rde pe5 en tjej som klara sig. du borde skriva jag ff6rsf6kte ta livet av mig men misslyckades.ff6rle5t men va tvungen .sen en fre5ga till!hur lyckades du klara dig. (har inte klickat in pe5 din blogg kanske bode gf6ra de) ganska intressant faktiskt. hoppas du me5r bra idagens le4ge!


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