How much are you celebrating?

Celebration is one of our 5 Cultural Keys from our book, Engage! It’s also the element that is most lacking in people’s lives. We’re constantly focused on moving towards our goal or busy doing things that we rarely take time to stop and celebrate what we have accomplished and how far we’ve really come. So…how much are you celebrating? What can you celebrate today?

Dare To Dream interview

We are in dire need of some new business models. Find out why business is a dinosaur! Learn the NEW ways of successfully doing business. Listen to this interview on the DARE TO DREAM Radio show with Debbi Dachinger where I share the ”5 Keys to Boost Company Engagement, Productivity and Profits” and a ton of great insights into the new ways of doing business that are working.


Engage! på svenska kommer!

Great news! We’ll be releasing our best selling book, Engage!, in Swedish in the spring! Stay tuned. Sweden is so well positioned to take a leadership role in adapting this new way of doing business because so much of our formula is already in the Swedish culture.

Why Values Matter…

Here is a clip from an exclusive video with Jean Oelwang, CEO of Virgin Unite about why values matter, what’s broken in our world and how we need to fix it. Short, sweet but full of great nuggets of gold!

YouTube Preview Image

You can get access to the full interview when you purchase our new book Engage! at

What a week!

What an amazing week it’s been! We officially launched our book, Engage!, last Tues and it became an international best seller! It’s so fun when you can see the results of all your hard work finally paying off.

Then I dashed off to London for the meetings, book promotion, and a conference. There I had a chance to meet several authors whose books have made a huge difference in my life.  I was able to surprise Neale Donald Walsch with the first print copy of a children’s book we’ve co-written. What a great experience to be able to thank someone in person who has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life!

Coming back, we’ve already been approached by Nordic publishers who want to translate the book and get it out into the different Nordic countries! Exciting times–yay!


[VIDEO] Engage! is here….

Today is the official book launch of our new book,

Engage! Your Step By Step Guide to Creating a Workplace That You, Your Co-Workers, and Customers Love!

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It’s time to be inspired and see why focusing on the people, the planet, and the profits really is GREAT for business.

Get more details at

Engage! is coming soon!

We’re really excited…on Tues Oct 8th we’ll be having our official book launch for Engage!  I’ve been doing some interviews and working diligently behind the scenes in preparation for this.

Doing a launch is all about creating the BUZZ about your product or service in a specific time frame. What happens after that is what I call the ripple effect–something that can be short or long lived, depending on the size of the ripple, just as a pebble or a rock being dropped into the water.

Can’t wait to see the ripples caused by Engage! Happy weekend to all!

Tom Peters…a business legend

It’s been a great day! Today I got to meet and listen to Tom Peters speaking at the Nordic Business Forum in Finland. This business legend wrote In Search Of Excellence 30 years ago and is still going strong at 70. It was fun to hear him talking about the importance of people and culture and the upcoming trends in gamification…all things we talk about in our new book, Engage! (launching on Oct 8th). It’s always nice to get confirmation that you are on the right path. :-)