Working with Richard Branson…

Here is a clip from an interview I did with Jean Oelwang, CEO for Virgin Unite. This is one of the bonuses we’ll be giving when we officially launch our new book, Engage!, on Oct 8th.

Inspiring leaders are focusing in on the people to make their companies amazing!

Jean Oelwang interview clip




Do you suffer from ”perfectitus”? That’s when you keep tweaking things so that they are perfect but what happens is that it ends up holding you back. Taking imperfect action gets you moving forward. You can always course correct along the way as it’s easier to adjust a moving object than something at a complete standstill.

So go ahead, just get those items off your to do list by making them good enough. It does not have to be perfect–and you’ll see you get more done!

Good or bad?

We have a habit of judging things either good or bad. It’s human nature or conditioning or whatever that makes us do this. But how we look at a situation will determine how we react to it. When something happens, it’s good to be able to step back and observe it without immediately judging it, labeling it, and putting an emotional charge to it. Giving it some space allows for the creative solutions and ideas to flow.

Anything can be considered good or bad…or not. It’s up to you to determine that.

Exciting News!

Our book is coming soon! Engage! Is a book about employee engagement and how amazing companies like TOMS, Virgin, Zappos, PUMA and many others are leading the way to a new way if doing business. Stay tuned….

Believe that you can…

Your belief in your dreams is what will make them come true. All hugely successful people have been laughed at for their ideas when they were starting out. But they believed in their visions and persevered to make it happen.

It all starts from within yourself and believing in yourself. Once you’ve got that one down, the rest will come much easier.


Are you doing work you love to do? So it doesn’t even feel like work? We all have so much potential–it’s important to tap into what we are meant to do.

I’m all about engagement now as we’re gearing up to launch our new book (called Engage!) in Oct. (It’s why I haven’t been posting as regularly as I’d like to here). It’s an exciting journey with a great message for companies and entrepreneurs alike. Hope you’ll follow the progress and help to spread the word.


Reaching your full potential

It is so important that you focus on three areas of your life to reach your full potential.

  1. Purpose — why you do what you do. Do you know this? Are you living your true purpose? Have you figured it out yet or not?
  2. Passions — do you love what you do? Is it giving you energy every day? How much of your time is spent doing what you love in your life?
  3. Productivity — are you taking care of your body with eating right, enough sleep, exercising and keeping hydrated? Do you write down your goals and make a daily/weekly/monthly plan?  Are you focused and able to accomplish what you want?

When you spend some time looking at these areas, you’ll be on track to reaching your full potential.

Imperfect Action

One of my mentors taught me about taking imperfect action. She said you can always adjust along the way but to just take action. So that’s what I’ve done in most of what I do these days. My videos, websites, courses, etc are not perfect…but they are certainly good enough to share my message. And each time I do something new, I gain more experience and will do better the next time.

What I’ve come to realize is that ALL of life–whether it’s our work, our business, our families, our relationships–is an evolution. We are in constant change. Growth is optional. And taking imperfect action is a way to get the ball rolling, overcome your fears, and just do it!

Ego vs Eco

It’s time to change the way we look at the world. The thought that we are better than all other species is ridiculous–we are all interdependent, not dominate. This is becoming clear with what is happening to the bees. Millions of bees are dying because of pesticides and electromagnetic waves in our environment and it has the potential to affect our crops because of the lack of pollination.

It’s time to use business as a force for good and one that will help the planet, not hurt it.

Do you keep this in mind with the choices you make?